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A purebred dog

A purebred dog

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Almost all people while choosing a purebred dog pay attention to its physical appearance, nevertheless, don‘t forget that all breeds have their own peculiarities and distinctive character. Most of breeds are very old and their missions are different. Dogs had to serve the people and ease their work in ancient times. As a result, the dog‘s physical appearance wasn‘t in the first place, however, the human beings soon noticed which dog suits best to the specific task. Ancient breeds‘ standards are the same till nowadays.

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Nowadays, dogs don‘t accomplish the tasks that they were breeded for. However, they easily adapted to the pets function.

The dog‘s master should understand that primitive instincts are in dog‘s genes. Don’t forget that while choosing a dog. People say that it is very easy to get used to your dog’s physical appearance, however it is not so easy to get used to its manner. You should appeal to the manner of your dog all its life, as a result, choose the breed very carefully and responsibly. The chosen dog should provide you happiness and be happy at the same time.

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Don’t be in a hurry while choosing a dog

The dog will live together with you at least ten years and require your attention 24 hours. It will become your family member. Don’t forget that the dog will affect and your daily life. Before buying a dog get all the relevant information about it and don’t be in a hurry.

At first you should decide why you need a dog. Are you going to sell future puppies? Are you going to take part in the exhibitions and shows? Dogs that have some drawbacks in their colour or fur are cheaper but don’t expect any awards in the exhibitions then. However, it won’t be a worse dog for your family than the champion one.